The Rules

Your Spot

The competition welcomes all forms of live comedy including stand-up, music, and sketch performances.

Your set must not exceed 3 minutes in length.

Your set must be entirely original and not previously performed in any other competition or venue.

Profanity and crude language are strictly prohibited.

The competition has a zero-tolerance policy towards material that is racist, sexist, or homophobic. Any such content will result in immediate disqualification.



29th April 2023 – Canal Walk Auditorium – 12pm



10th May – Canal Walk Auditorium – 8pm

17th May – Canal Walk Auditorium – 8pm

24th May – Canal Walk Auditorium – 8pm

27th May – Canal Walk Auditorium – 8pm



29th May – Canal Walk Auditorium – 8pm


Finals Information:

We programme all the Finals with the best acts we’ve seen up to that point across the whole competition. That means if you ‘win’ a heat you’re not guaranteed a spot in the next stage, but it’s a pretty good indication. It also means we will wild card people from time to time.

Other Terms & Conditions:

By entering you agree to: the audio and/or visual recording of your spot by the Championship (or other bodies as authorised by the Championship) for use in whole or part in any manner the Championship considers appropriate including for associated promotional purpose in or in association with Comedy program; and alignment with potential Festival sponsors. You promise us that you are not using any material or writing (e.g. music) in your spot that you are not allowed to, or that we can’t broadcast in turn.

You may not record your spot without the express permission in advance of the Championship and the person running your gig. Any agreed recording cannot then be published on any platforms, including but not limited to; your personal or other website, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter, without express written permission of the Festival.

By registering you agree to receive email communications from the Jive Championship